Attractions In Yankari Game Reserve

Wild Life

Yankari National Park is an important refuge for over 50 mammal species including African bush elephant, olive baboon, patas monkey, Tantalus monkey, roan antelope, western hartebeest, West African lion, African buffalo, waterbuck, bushbuck and hippopotamus

Wikki Warm Spring

Wikki Warm Spring is the largest of the 4 warm springs in Yankari. It is a natural spa with constant temperature of 31.1°C through the year during both day & night, crystal clear & 13 meters wide, 2 meters deep perfect for a swim. Dimmil, Gwana, & Mawulgo are the other springs.

Marshall Caves

The Marshall Caves located 7km east of Wikki Camp in Yankari are a set of 59 interconnected dwellings believed to have provided shelter to ancient people during the slave trade. It was dug out of sandstone escarpments. The caves has rock paintings & engravings.


Yankari Museum is another attraction in the reserve. It houses trophies of wildlife parts such as skins, tusks, bones, horns & full mounts of some wildlife species of the park, taxidermy arts & hunting gears retrieved from poachers. it was declared open in 1985

Dukkey Wells

Dukkey wells in Yankari is a resting place for slave traders when traveling from Duguri to Pali during slave trade period. its a historical attraction that shows how the settlers managed their water supply. it is a channel of 139 wells linked underneath to each other by shafts.

Shau-Shau Iron Smelting Site

The shau shau iron smelting works is located in Yankari it has about 60 standing shaft furnaces, one of the world’s most extensive concentrations of early iron smelting sites, also the largest historical industrial complex of its time in the West Africa Sub-region.

Meetings & Events

Hold your business meeting or special event at the Yankari game reserve and enjoy exceptional meeting facilities in a prime location.

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Catering services for external venues offered

our Restaurant & Bar

The Yankari Restaurant is an iconic restaurant at the heart of Yankari game reserve. You enjoy the finest and breath-taking view of the reserve. The Yankari Restaurant is located behind the business area of the reserve.

We offer Local dishes, continental and international dishes for our visitor’s convenience.

Snacks are also available at the restaurant.

Opens For:

Breakfast: 7am-11am

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Yankari Bar opens daily: 2.00pm-12.00am